Longrich Testimonies has been a re-occurrence with Longrich Partners, families and individuals especially those who have changed their brands to Longrich products; they are continuous sources of inspiration to many who aspires to also partake in the testimonies to what Longrich has brought to our doorsteps.

Below are some of the story beneficiaries of Longrich have shared on our platform.


I got married in January and like every newly wedded wife, I looked forward to my conception. 5 months into the Marriage, I had not conceived so I was adviced to go for folliculometry (after my ovulation period). My Gynecologist conducted a hormonal test and after the Test, looked into my eyes and requested to see my Husband. We booked an appointment for the next day and on getting to the Hospital and seated in front of the man, my Gynecologist said to us “your wife test result is the worst result I have ever seen since my medical career, it is like a 60years old woman’s result. There is nothing I can do to help your case, it is only God that can help you” (…………that was what the Doctor told my husband) He even adviced my husband to quit the marriage as my case was hopeless or better still take another wife secretly.

In June, I was invited by a Longrich Partner (my co-wife) to the longrich seminar at Ojuelegba, and then to Longrich dinner where I bought the Longrich Sanitary Pad and the Longrich Panty Liner. I immediately began using the Longrich brands daily and without other treatment as I was already at a fix and almost giving up and had continued its usage for a month and half.

Suddenly in August same year, I found out I had conceived. My joy knew no bounds as I ran back to the Longrich Partner who invited me to share my story. Ever since, I switched completely to Longrich brands for my daily care and today, I say Glory to God who brought longrich to Nigeria


Thanks to my darling Sister and Longrich Star Director Teressa for believing in me and encouraging me day and night in the quest for Longrich path. My interest in this great opportunity started when I witnessed one of the Car and House AWARD EVENT; where she took home a whopping 25m Naira for doing what?

….just talking the right talk…LONGRICH.

There and then I told myself “I can do this “. I remember telling some friends last November when I started driving this vision that I MUST get an Elantra next car award. It happened just like I wished it. On this note I charge you all my partners to desire whatever you want and work towards achieving it and you will start seeing RESULTS.

This is the time to take this business serious. It’s no longer called Plan B but Plan A. If what you call Plan B takes care of all that you are supposed Plan A could not take care of, then Plan B becomes Plan A simple!


 LONGRICH STAR DIRECTOR emerges in Global team!

Huge Congratulations to beautiful Mrs Hannah Frank Wills-Obong.

Hannah reluctantly joined Longrich Int’l 2 years ago after several excuses having lost money in previous network marketing businesses she did, she therefore lost faith and gave up on Network Marketing!

 She is married and blessed with 3 wonderful children, Hannah started Longrich part time to merely supplement her income, never envisaged that the business will completely transform her life. In two years of consistently building her longrich business, Hannah through sheer hard work, persistence and Focus has achieved a whooping total team performance of over 1.7million PVs and the following:

  1.  A 7 figure weekly income earner thus making her one of the top earners in Africa.
  1. One of the Beneficiaries of the fully sponsored Executive MBA programme at the prestigious Regis University Denver Colorado, USA.

3.Won Regular ‘All expense paid’ luxury trips to USA, SINGAPORE, DUBAI,CHINA 

  1.  2013, 2014 and 2015 promo cars and SUV qualifier. (Yearly promo car qualifier)

Success never comes by accident but through hard work and Perseverance. If Hannah can do it, you too CAN!

Join us as Longrich awards her with N25million House Funds this Next week Saturday Oct 17th @ The HAVEN, off Oba AkinjobiStreet,Ikeja Lagos.


Mrs Hannah Frank Wills-obong

Longrich CEO



Direct sales companies generated over $150 Billion in revenue worldwide in 2002.

Over 91 Million people worldwide earn extra income through Direct selling and entrepreneurship and are giving back to their society.

Longrich is number 10 in DSN Top 10 Asian companies and number 44 in 2012 DSN Global for 2012 (Longrich  Jiangsu Longliqi)

International Scene

From the international scene, some Longrich testimonies rolled in.

It is an opportunity to be in a good environment in which everybody has an equal right to succeed (Russia).

The time we have, the freedom we enjoy… Being able to travel all over the world …. It’s incredible, our lives has changed tremendously (Spain).

It really did change our lives for the better (united Kingdom).

The simple dreams of being able to live without direct debt means everything … because it connects to your health, it connect to how you love somebody else (Indonesia).

Now I could design a life where I could help people, empower people and really achieve the things that I wanted my life to be about (united states of America).

My lifestyle has changed dramatically. Its freedom (France).

I can’t explain the happiness I got after achieving the success. I feel I’m really free with my life (Sri Lanka).

That was a dream for me to provide a world –class education to my children (India).

We get along better and I want to tell you that this is something huge for us …. For our lives, it’s marginal to be part of this (El Salvador).