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Longrich International

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(Chinese: Longliqi) is a leading Chinese company in the Cosmetic Industry with more than 1,000 products indifferent categories such as Health care products, Household care products, Skin care products, Personal care products and Daily care products.

Founded in 1986, the company havebeing through steady growth in both its expansion and market shares, making it one of the most successful private companies, leader in the Chinese cosmetic sector and daily care Industry, with over 12,000 employees worldwide to her credit.

Longrich has one of the largest and most advanced center in three continents for research and development of cosmetics and sale of cosmetics and health care products in china, with her trademark registered in 183 countries and products sold in more 50 countries and regions around the world including Nigeria.

Longrich Company which came to Nigeria in 2012, has potential direct sales of 70 million population around the world and Longrich is set to become a leading brand name both locally and internationally.

From the president’s desk: Longrich has an ambitious goal of giving every member not only the chance to live in a harmonious and healthy environment but also build a successful business in every environment she finds herself.

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