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Longrich Alkaline Cup:

There are numerous benefits that comes with drinking alkaline water.  Longrich has made it easier for individuals to keep themselves refreshed using the Longrich Alkaline Cup. Generally, drinking water often keeps you refreshed. This is because Water is not just beneficial, it is our living; which makes it more necessary that we depend our lives on it. Have you ever wondered; despite the fact that water is tasteless, colorless and odorless, it is vital to our living. Research has shown that 60-75 % of our body existence is primarily water; making about two-third of who we are and also influences the full percentage of the processes that takes place in us.

Longrich Alkaline Cup
Longrich Alkaline Cup

From the human body, water is the medium with which oxygen and nutrients are passed into our bodies, it aids metabolism, helps to moisturize our skin and organs to absorb the nutrients, etc. Next to Oxygen, Water is about the most important key to Life! Research has also shown that an individual can stay off food for several weeks but Man can only stay away from Water for few days. Beyond just taking in water, laying in water does miracles to the body!

What type of water do I drink?

There are several types of Water. It ranges from Hard Water, Boiled Water, Raw Water, Rain Water, Snow Water, Filtered Water, Soft water, Reverse Osmosis, De-ionized Water, Distilled Water etc.


Research has also shown that there are several benefits that comes with drinking alkaline water. The alkaline in water refers to the ph level in the water. The ph level measures how acidic or alkaline a substance is when you rate it on a scale of 0 – 14. The lesser the rate, the more acidic the substance is and vice versa as shown below;

Alkaline Water Ph Chart

Benefits of Longrich Alkaline Cup

Toxins in the human body is one of the major causes of aging; resulting from poor diet, stress and caused-pollution and inflicted-pollution. When you allow the toxins to build up in your body, it causes damages to the body cells which causes premature aging. The best way to fight toxin is to detoxify your body with antioxidants. With the Longrich Alkaline Cup which is mobile and easy to carry in your bag, you can be sure of;

  • Alkaline Cup with a balance PH Level
  • Revives damaged cells in the body due to narcotics
  • Ability to flush away any acidic content in the body
  • Helps to reduce cholesterol in the body
  • Enables minerals to reach the cell
  • Anti-oxidant; ordinary drinking water has positive potential that promotes oxidation and aging.
  • Enhances immunity and delay aging process
  • Increases energy and digestion
  • Prevents you from chronic diseases e.g. cancer, allergy, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy and heart diseases

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