Embracing Longrich Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) – My Reality!

Friends, I cant stop reading this piece…
Dear Network Marketer and Intending Network Marketer,
Stop, take a seat,  consume and digest this from Dr. Blessing Ishomo, one of the best network marketing leaders I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with.
Dr. B writes…
“My experience with Network marketing;
Six years ago, I was introduced to Network marketing. I struggled to understand the business because I thought it was about selling things.
I felt rejected as my friends laughed at me and told me that I was slaving for another person’s empire.
My mentor Daniel Sekpey made me buy books like the magic of thinking big, rich dad poor dad, other personal and professional development books/materials. I had my days of tears and confusion. I have also had wonderful days of friendship, fun, international trips and recognition.
In 6 years, I have travelled to Asia, Las Vegas, Miami, Orlando in Florida, and some countries in Africa. I have earned in dollars USD, benefited from the car programme and I have friends in 5 continents.
Two years ago, I got $5,000 from my network marketing business to get a certification with the John Maxwell coaching company. As a certified John Maxwell  coach, I enjoy leverage! I am a speaker and coach, helping young people, women and men.
Through network marketing I found my voice! My gift! I would have been a house wife and at most, a local champion. I have been trained by the best in Network marketing, privileged to know and learn from John Maxwell, Anthony Robbins, Jack Canfield, John Assaraf, Randy Gage, Sarah Robbins, Brian Tracy and others! I would never have known these people or love to read books if not that network marketing forced me to become a better person. I became a prayer warrior just to understand how to make money in this biz….lol.
????For those who want to try network marketing, please note:
????You will learn leadership skills, communication skills, entrepreneurial skills, you will increase your network and net worth! But it will cost you!
????If you are afraid of hard work, if you are not coachable, if you are impatient or in a hurry to earn millions, then you will not succeed!
Some people think they can buy their way to success in Network marketing (they register people with their money / buy a lot of products) it doesn’t work that way. I agree that some people lie, hype and manipulate people to part with their money, that doesn’t mean that the business is bad!
Greed and impatience has stopped a lot of people from enjoying the benefits of the business. Some people are told that they don’t have to work, they wait to cash their cheque? Be careful when someone tells you, I bought a lot of products, couldn’t sell…. find out if the person learned the skills, did the person go for training? Did the person give the business the time needed to blossom? Did they believe in the process? I bet that same person will go start another business and have the same issues if she’s not willing to learn the skills and time needed to be a success!
Some people have left network marketing/Multi Level Marketing (MLM)  to start their business and it’s what they learned from the training in MLM that is helping them in their businesses. If I leave MLM today, I won’t be like the housewife that spent millions to learn business management in LBS(Lagos Business School) and is too afraid to step out!
I have been in the field, faced rejections, learned how to follow up and be creative. MLM has blessed me with skills to survive any business, any where! This business is more than selling! It’s about life!
You deal with people everyday, you can’t make money in this business without changing your mindset, helping people and learning new things!
Please I advice everyone to embrace the art of  selling or networking. Do you know that you can be very good at what you do but if you don’t know how to Network or sell yourself, you will starve!
We are all selling…. from a housewife trying to sell her husband on the idea to buy her more clothes to the MD of a corporation trying to increase sales. If you decide to go through MLM, you have an added advantage; you learn these skills with other progressives, people who believe in you and want you to succeed!
Find out, most people who attend personal development and professional seminars are network marketers! They want more out of life! If Anthony Robbins, Jack Canfield, John Maxwell, Brian Tracy and others believe network marketing is a good place to grow and become a better person, I think I am in good company!
Thank you see you at the top.
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Engr. Sunday Onifade
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