Longrich Annual General Meeting…..Unfolding From China

Good news From SD Seun in China.
The following are unfolding in the new year Longrich is about to commence on October 7th, 2017. Matters arising from the Annual General Meeting at China reports that:
1) Pricing for UK,USA, and other new  markets with pricing issue will be reviewed downwards
2) House fund for Directors will be reviewed higher
3) D7 SUV fund will be reviewed higher
4) 40,000pvs , 80,000pvs , 150,000pvs @($11,111),300,000pvs@($22,222) ,600,000pvs@($44,444), car awards will now be run yearly creating more opportunities for Partners
5) NAFDAC numbers will going forward be in printed on all approved lONGRICH products (for Nigeria Market )
6) Longrich members poaching other Longrich members to other networks or publicly endorsing such will be entirely removed from the Longrich system
7) Rank advancement incentive promo will be re introduced
8) New markets to get mini home offices and acting MD to enable smooth running of Longrich biz, prompt bonus payments …etc
9) E commerce platform to be reviewed , beta pricing system , more products will be added …etc ,this applies to USA online purchase structure as well
More to come  at the Anniversary Event…….
Why not make it a date with us as we celebrate Longrich Business in Nigeria 5th Year Anniversary
Date: October 7th, 2017
Venue: Haven Event Center, Oba Akinjobi Way, By Archbishop Vinning Memorial Church, Ikeja GRA, Lagos State.
Time: 12pm