Considering Longrich Fluoride free Toothpaste

Is Fluoride mandatory in Toothpaste?

Far before the introduction of the Longrich Fluoride free Toothpaste, there has been several debate on whether Fluoride is healthy in consumption or not. Quite a number of factors come to play in making this decision. Because principally, it has been confirmed from Research that fluoride is a required content added to almost every community water.

What is Fluoride?

Oral Care Center says Fluoride is a mineral that is found naturally in water sources. It can also be referred to as a toxic waste product, which has also been confirmed to likely contain lead, arsenic, radio nucleotide, aluminum and other industrial contaminants.

Most Toothpastes sold in our markets today contains fluoride, with many grocery stores having very few non-fluoridated brands on their shelves such as the Longrich  fluoride free Toothpaste. Research has shown that the use of fluoride toothpastes, especially for the early childhood class comes with great health risks. That is why “FDA has mandated a poison warning on every tube of fluoride toothpaste sold in the USA”. As much as Fluoride  proffer some benefits such as helping to reduce tooth decay and being able to withstand acids,  the dangers of its ingestion far outweighs its benefits.

Sources of Fluoride

Fluoride sources can be traced to fluoride pesticide use, some food products especially grape products, dried fruit, dried beans, cocoa powder, and walnuts–have high levels of fluoride. Tea plants and leaves  also absorb fluoride from the soil. Also, community- sources of water fluoridation could be a huge source of fluoride to man.


Ingesting excess fluoride toothpaste associated risks include skin rashes also known as perioral dermatitis, acute toxicity, stomach ailments, impairment in glucose metabolism, to mention but a few. Naturally occurring fluoride in hard water areas often has a calcium fluoride. Calcium and fluoride bond very well and are not absorbed by your body. We have these associated risk getting on the high side daily due to the lack of awareness by the dental community welfare and our marketing policies  and practices by toothpaste manufacturers, “who use carton packaging and candy-flavors to target the adult-strength fluoride toothpaste to young children”.

Fluoride is the only chemical added to water for the purpose of medical treatment. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies fluoride as a drug when used to prevent or mitigate disease (FDA 2000). As a matter of basic logic, adding fluoride to water for the sole purpose of preventing tooth decay (a non-waterborne disease) is a form of medical treatment. All other water treatment chemicals are added to improve the water’s quality or safety, which fluoride does not do.


Some associated risk of ingesting daily fluoride are;

  • Dental Fluorosis – a defect in tooth enamel caused by excessive fluoride intake especially at young age. Dental fluorosis is not just a cosmetic problem, but the visible sign of chronic fluoride poisoning and children are more vulnerable than adults.
  • Impaired Glucose Metabolism – the impact of fluoride on blood glucose and insulin levels thereby blood fluorides results in increased glucose levels and decreased insulin level.
  • Research also shows that moderate exposure to fluoride lowers IQ. It was confirmed that the daily dose of fluoride puts an individual at risk.
  • Natural Health Web posts that “poison control should be called if you swallow a quarter milligram of fluoride from toothpaste; meanwhile just ONE glass of water can contain the same amount of fluoride – to remain safe, they recommend the use of very small amount of fluoridated toothpaste that one tube would last you several years”.


Because it has being found out that too much fluoride negates any potential benefits it poses, Longrich Cosmetics has proffer the Longrich  Toothpaste.

The Fluoride – free Longrich Toothpaste is endorsed by the FDI World Dental Foundation. Some benefits of the Longrich free fluoride Toothpaste include;

  • Treatment of Tooth Pain, weak gum, bad breath and tooth decay
  • Highly effective for every tooth without any future side effects when you discontinue
  • Contains calories (according to Calorie Control Council (CCC))
  • Contains Triclosan, antibacterial and antifungal agent such as Sodium benzoate
  • Fluoride free and decay resistance ingredients makes your mouth healthy and clean
  • Contains Strontium chloride, Hexa hydrate, Xylitol to reduce pain in sensitive teeth and helps in building strong teeth
  • Contains anti-oxidant and anti-carcinogenic properties of green tea
How then should you brush your mouth using the Longrich Fluoride free Toothpaste?

Toothpaste is a cosmetics and not meant to clean your teeth on its own, there is a required input from you;

  1. Use just a minute quantity of toothpastepeasized2. You need an input of atleast 2 minutes to effectively brush your teeth. within these two (2) minutes, pay attention to areas that matter most. Here is a guide;


Bring an end to the practice of Fluoridation

We are at no more doubt that fluoride should not be ingested. There are enough facts to support this assertion. Scientists from the National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory have classified fluoride as “a chemical having substance evidence of developmental neurotoxicity”.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention also asserted that many Adolescents now have dental fluorosis – unattractive discoloration and mottling of the teeth that indicates overexposure to fluoride. clearly children are being over exposed and their health and development put in jeopardy.

Longrich Nigeria Business is out to ensure this awareness is made possible and explicit, partnering with Longrich International, we will collectively ensure our dental world is protected This can be achieved when you partner with Longrich International either by changing your Toothpaste Brand to Longrich Fluoride free Toothpaste and other attractive Longrich products and also become a member.

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