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1. I don’t have money
2. I can’t talk to people
3. I don’t do stuff like this
4. I’m too Busy
Your excuses may be legit but they won’t improve your Life.
You must Understand One fact that the current economic state is not aware of how much you earn a Month. It keeps on increasing without Your Approval☹
If you Like, take a trumpet, blow round the entire Nation, go on Strike, Paint Yourself Black, protest nude, it will not change a thing.
The only One thing you CAN do for Yourself, Your Family, Your Children, Your Friends is to grow your Income to Match the Current Expenses
Do you know some people Became Billionaires​ as a Result of inflation in the Economy?
All things work together for Your good if only you know how to Leverage from Opportunities, be it Summer or Winter.
RECESSION is often a time for Great Financial Successes for those who Grab and Hold Opportunities.
Take the bold step to be in Charge of Your Financial Life.
This is Your Life, go beyond the Limits, it’s beyond Saying Amen, “It can​ Only get better​”.
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Engr. Sunday Onifade