…More Reasons to Partner with Longrich


Longrich enables you to earn extra income from what you use everyday. How? You find a fantastic product recommended or introduced to you. You use it and love it! What do you do? Naturally you tell your friends, family, colleagues etc about it, recommend it to them, right? Fantastic!

Does it end there? No, LONGRICH pays you for using these products and sharing it with others!!!

Ok tell me, how many world renowned high quality products do you buy directly from the manufacturing company without paying tax, shipping and other hidden charges? Definitely none.

LONGRICH Products have the highest standard certification globally and offers you a better lifestyle with mind blowing earnings!

In LONGRICH, you earn in Seven interesting ways:

✨Performance bonus
✨ Development bonus
✨ Leadership bonus
✨ Repeat order bonus
✨ Platinum VIP incentive
✨ Worldwide incentive
✨ Star director incentive

The catch is in achieving financial freedom through this opportunity offered by Longrich, if you decide to become a distributor.
Longrich distributes its innovative products through highly motivated independent distributors using networking marketing method, but unlike other network marketing coys it offers greater profitability and flexibility.

1. Maximum of 3 legs
2. No Time Frame (No Pressure)
3.No Compulsory Monthly Purchases (Target)
4. Weekly Bonus Payment {Green Thursday}
5. Grow at your own pace
6.Unlimited Accumulation of Bonus Points
7. Leadership easily achieved.

Apart from bonuses paid directly into ur account every week based on your team’s volume

TRAVELS: The coy organises minimum of three ‘all expense paid’ international trips annually for qualifying distributors, in 2014, we had trips to Malaysia (FEB), USA (AUG) and China (DEC). In 2015 There will be trips to Europe (France, Germany,Switzer land, Italy), Dubai, Ghana, USA, China.

There is yearly Car promos, Longrich has awarded over 300 brand new cars and SUVs within its first 3 years!

HOUSE: 25Million house money is awarded from Star Director level.

You are simply expected to:

Introduce 3 people when you join, with the support offered by the team/club, those 3 people are taught , trained and encouraged to each duplicate to get their own 3, the business is fun extremely exciting and rewarding.