Steamed Meals – A healthy way to go!

Research on Steamed meals has shown that amongst several options, Steam cooking is one of the healthiest methods of food preparation. There is also a special way of preparing steamed food, which allows the steamed meal to keep its shape, color, taste and juice. That is why Longrich has come up with a kit called the Nutrition Steamer.

Nutrition Steamer


“Exquisite life nutrition steamer” Seven advantages of high-tech kitchen:

Nutritious and delicious, convenient, energy saving, water-free fuel-efficient, clean, safe, durable, caring service

Suitable for;

  •  All kinds of family: more suitable for families with children, families with elderly, more busy families;
  • Office: heating the food for the staff, once you can heat meals, very convenient;
  • Place of business: providing lunch to employees of the unit, such as beauty salons. To employees to cook, no gas, no cooking, no fumes, does not affect business, the boss is to save money, but also saves staff time and can improve work efficiency;
  • A gift to share: caring for the elderly, filling filial piety; to the wife, love embodied; given to children, healthy growth.

Longrich Steam

Benefits of enjoying Steamed Meals

There are numerous benefits that comes with steaming;

  1. Consumes less time in preparation: You spend less time in the kitchen when you begin to steam your meals.
  2. Taste, Colour and Juice Retention: the original colour of your meal is retained; the freshness is unhampered and even when you add some spices to the water used for steaming, it still retains the look and adds to its flavor.
  3. Oil consumption control: With Steaming, you can largely control the quantity of oil consumed. Steaming generally can be done without oil and if you must add oil, just a drop can spice up your meal. Alternatively, the Olive oil, linseed oil or other cholesterol free oil can do you meal a lot of good.
  4. Steam all meals: Every meal types can be steamed. For some, you may need to add some spice to give it a great taste. it ranges from vegetables, grains, fruits, cereals, legumes, etc.
  5. Lesser Energy is required: Sure women will tell you quality energy translates into the time required to prepare a super meal but with streaming, lesser energy is required and several food can be prepared at about the same time.

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